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Hello everyone, I have started my blog in 2019 sharing about programming stuff and regularly I have been blogging since I have started my blog. Before starting my blog in 2019, I have tried to start in 2017 but due to the payment system, I could not able to start and from procrastination too. Truth be told, I love blogging and sharing what I have learned.

Today’s topic is a new one. It’s about shotcoder. Well, what the heck is shotcoder?

Why choose Shotcoder ? 2

Think about it for a while, what kind of coder is it? Frontend, backend or copy-paste coder? No, no none of them. It’s about my friend startup about hosting services. Yeah, it’s truly one of my friends and his awesome team started to provide hosting service with reliable prices with different packages.

If you are new in hosting terms, no problems I will be sharing about it too. For example, you wanted a website or maybe a web app or you have an amazing idea to capture the entire market and build your empire as Steve Jobs had done before in mobile one. For it, you want a website, and to make an online presence of the website, we need hosting services provided by a server. And that hosting services help you to make an online presence of your website with many features. Hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet.

Shotcoder isn’t only known for its top-notch Live Support and excellent Customer Service. There are lots of features for it.

  • Availability: You can contact via phone or Live Chat or reply to an existing ticket, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. I have gone through it. Before joining a bachelor, I wanted to build our CS student batch responsive website, I wanted to have the domain and I used his services provided by him.
  • Hardware: servers offer the hardware needed to host your site, whether all you need is a shared server with a single domain, or a full dedicated server to meet your needs.
  • Software: Your site needs the best software, and shotcoder’s administrators maintain up to date installations across all of our servers to ensure the most functionality and software security.
  • Compatibility: shotcoder ensure that their servers are compatible with a large variety of third-party software and services.
  • Easy Development: You will have access to multiple options for quick and easy web development. With us you have access to Quick Install for the fastest and easiest installation of a large variety of custom scripts such as WordPress  for drag and drop web design, all from inside of your cPanel so that you can have a website up and running in minutes.

Many startups like ITStudyNepal used the services provided by shotcoder. I have also used their services and its pretty awesome too supporting my friend startup too. If you are a web developer, or blogger and have an idea to launch your website then you can use my coupon code- “CSAJU” to get a discount on hosting packages.

The First step is to visit the official site. www.shotcoder.com and order the services. And In review & Checkout, you can enter my coupon name “CSAJU”.

Why choose Shotcoder ? 3
Why choose Shotcoder ? 4

What shotcoder can guarantee is 99.9% server uptime and a 7 days trial with your money-back if your needs are not met. Being a web developer and CS student, I choose shotcoder hosting for my website for projects and blogs. Wanna have a launch your first website, go to shotcoder with my coupon .

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