My First-month experience as Software Engineer Trainee 1

Here is the story behind it, before being a software engineer trainee, one of my college senior Pujan Thapa messaged me personally about the software engineer trainee program. I was excited while he messaged me, looked up that opportunity, and at that time, I was at the end of the first semester CS degree. I didn’t have pretty much any experience in the tech industry too. During my first semester, I participated in many hackathons and take as much as opportunities from local tech communities. Seeing such an awesome opportunity I thought I have to apply for myself improvement and I applied after a few weeks. After the deadline too, results were not noticed anything about it, I thought I didn’t select so, I emailed them about it. But at the same time, coronavirus was spreading in Nepal too so due to such a problem program has to schedule for a while. Again after a few weeks, I saw their post about opening the program but it will be as virtual rather than onsite one. I applied again and after the deadline time, results came out. I checked out my email, I was happy and other brothers, sisters, too.

This is how it began. I still remember Sitaram sir about sharing his bio and tech journey. Lots of mentors shared the objective of program, knowledge, and lots of trainees are excited. Each and every day we are writing out stand-up to make our daily activities. Up to 4 weeks, we learned about the version control system, HTML, CSS, Python and it’s an ecosystem, Django, software engineer overall concepts. I was kind of shy to share out my thoughts related while in the QA session too. Things go improvement and I openly shared out my thoughts and questions too. We made a lot of projects and assignments too. Up to now, we are learning at the Django and its ORM. We know how important is a unit test and overall the software architect. One of the best sessions was in QA where we asked and shared the knowledge during our time. We even talked about OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities and how to secure our web applications. As mention we were learning the Django with python, we learned about the philosophy of Django. Hope, We will be learning many new things which we aren’t known in the tech industry too. Thank you to Insight workshop and it’s the team for an awesome opportunity.