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Hey yo, what’s up it’s been a long time suspending to write a post and right now, I am posting something more valuable for CS Student in the context of Nepal.
Tribhuvan University has a department of CSIT, but it is just a department that is valueless like a country has a king but does nothing else. What’s your view on it? Please comment on it. Yes, we all have problems and we knew our country is born with problems like we used to say to our friends I have this problem that problem and many more. From past years, the CSIT course has many problems and still, it has not solved yet.

Well, there are many problems considering to be CS students in Nepal. Some of them are listed below.

  • The exam system is not managed well like it should be done like other departments have been doing so far.
  • Government job is not equally provided opportunities of cs students.
  • Fee Structure is not well managed in all affiliated colleges.
  • Research opportunities are not much given to CS student which is must required skills to become a researcher for further time.
  • The scholarship is not given to the students as other departments provide to the students.
  • The calendar system is not managed and well defined.

We, as a community of CSIT students, are struggling for and fighting for it for few years.

Many affiliated campuses have been doing so far. And tomorrow will be grand final for it and we as a CS student are gonna do something great which will be worth all the CS students in Nepal. Some of the info for what we will be doing is spoken by the below picture.


Tomorrow in Maitighar, Mandala we are gathering and protesting against the system that TU has done so far. Let’s unite and make changes for our future and upcoming generation too. Thank you

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