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Shishir Shrestha is a current vice president of CSIT Association of Nepal. He is also Chief Operations Officer at SochWare. He was also Microsoft Student Partner at Microsoft .He is also current Local Committee Vice President at AIESEC Nepal.

Tell us about CSIT Association of Nepal ?

CSIT Association of Nepal is non-profitable, non-governmental, non-political, social organization established in 2011 . It was founded by the young and energetic students persuading their career in B.Sc.CSIT course in Nepal. The main purpose of establishing CSIT Association is to act as a bridge between the faculty, students and IT industries in Nepal. The organization is currently expanded to around 10000 students from 60+ colleges all over the nation. Apart from the central committee in Kathmandu, we also have our regional committees in three other regions: Chitwan, Butwal and Purwanchal. We have been working to extend our regional committees to other parts of the country as well. CSITAN has been actively involved in various activities from the past eight years to bridge the gaps between university, industry and the students. Besides this, we have been organizing workshops and seminars for students to improve their knowledge about different aspects of computer science and information technology. CSITAN is believed to have the prodigious potential to evolve. We aspire to be an organization that will be an integral part of every IT College and student, leading and motivating them to excellence.

Can you tell about B.Sc.CSIT course ?

B.Sc.CSIT stands for Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology. It is a four year academic course affiliated to Tribhuvan University. It is designed to provide the student the knowledge of Computer Science and Information Technology. It develops the underlying principles of both Computer Science and Information Technology. And shows how these principles can be applied to today’s real world problems. And develops skills that are essential for both computer professionals and IT specialists.


What are the features of CSIT ?

  • Bsc.CSIT has some best features. It has latest curriculum with , Integrated course. It has also International acceptance, with Balanced course path, and extensive career opportunities.
  • It creates path for future academic development of students for MS and PHD in the country and abroad .
  • Semester based program affiliated to Tribhuvan University .
  • Internship and major projects during your bachelor degree.
  • Career opportunities in software companies, telecommunications, government and non-government institutions.
  • Credit transfer can also be done to other foreign universities.

What are the problems faced by CSIT Students ?

  •  The B.Sc. CSIT course provides the students with More theoretical and less practical knowledge.
  • Kathmandu has many facilities and platform for career development in IT. Probably every weekend seminar, workshop,training and other are being held in Kathmandu . But outside of valley, students cannot grab this opportunities.
  • Teachers and mentors are also lacked outside of valley.
  • Back exams are late which causes to loss year for CSIT students.

Last Question : What are the things that freshers and others should do during bachelor time?

This is for those who is willing to go college and dream of studying computer science and information technology . You should involve with many IT clubs and join community for your career. Participate in hackathon and competitive programming will definitely help you in CS career. Internships helps a lot too. In first and second year is for investing the knowledge for it. And You can start intern from 5th semester or 3rd year. Be passionate on what you learned and you will be the one who can solve the real world problems by using principles of Computer Science.

Tech world and industry is competitive and companies always try to hire smart people with versatile set of skills. They judge from your skills point of view mostly. Degree also matters until you used your degree properly with your skills.

Computer science is a field passion, consistence and hard work. These are the things that every students should know . It will definitely help to every computer science fresher a lot.

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