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Rahul Kumar Yadav is a Tech Enthusiast , Entrepreneur and Motivator. He works at Global Technovation Foundation . He is a self development trainer and Tech Leader at Ceetle Education. He was tseacher at .

Tell me about your self Rahul ?

I’m actually from Sarlahi District of Province 2. I belong to one of the village in Sarlahi. As I was a normal guy who grown up with normal people in remote part of Nepal. At past days, I had nothing in the name of ideas and knowledge of entrepreneurship. But something changes occur after some time. There was an organization which was USA based in my village. They provide computer training to those students who cannot afford money to get that education and skills. It was all about computer basic courses and I decided to enroll there when I was in my fifth grade . I learned many things from training . It was about six months . And I was capable of providing training and share my skills to other students over there. Then luckily, I got selected as trainer over there from the team.

Can you name the organization please ?

It was Eejot. Eejot is a non profit organization . It’s main aim is to help students in remote villages of Nepal with education. It is run solely by volunteers and through help of potential volunteers like you. Our mission is to improve and facilitate education in remote villages of Nepal.

At that time, I decided to train those students for free. I had worked there about 4 years up to my grade 10 . I trained 300+ students of six different villages around my village for free. Content was about computer basics, and web designing along with English speaking . During those days, I used to have my school from 10 am to 4 am. I used to teach two times, three hours in the evening and two hours in the morning at eejot . It was about five hours of teaching while I was in my school level. It was all free from my side.

I was passionate on teaching and learning at that moment of time. Fortunately I had not time to think anything necessary and waste my time as I was busy with my school . And apart from that, I had busy schedules too for teaching them for 5 hours daily . From there I invested my time onto my own self very well . I transformed my mindset from normal one and I had limiting belief of having small dream as everyone do have as teenagers in our country .

I was quite curious about modern trending on technology around the world and how can we evolve into it . After my grade ten, I went to Kathmandu . And its been one year but when I was in my village ,I used to do many awareness event as I had started to know those stuffs.

Wow, that’s great Rahul .


What was your motivation that you keep going and pushing yourself in these sector ?

It was technology and I had dream to pursue computer science degree till my 10 grade. In last one year, I got massive change and even great mindset of things happening around the world. Once I moved here in Kathmandu, I started to be a part of different national and international level of events . It was related to technology ,innovation and entrepreneurship . I got to know more about these from very closed and with clear concept. I got to conditioned myself to keep thinking about all these stuffs and learning as much I could of these field . I started to focus more on tech and entrepreneurship.

I worked with many different organization and traveled different parts of Nepal. I was being part of different event . And I worked as Self Development Trainer in Ceetle Education and trained youths in Leadership. I helped them enhancing their personal skills too. This is what I have been going through. But at this moment of time I’m not anymore associated with any social organization . Right now ,I am focusing more on different problems for solving existing problems of the our country to take it into next level.

How do you see yourself as Entrepreneur ?

According to me, Entrepreneur is not only about ones who run enterprise . Its about solving problems with solution to get it solved. It always take some time to build a mindset for something great and this is what I have been preparing myself. I believe ,there are three kind of people all over the world.

  • Ones who see problems – Normal human being
  • Ones who figure out solution to it – Visionary
  • Very few – Who don’t just see problems, who don’t just come up with solution, they go and actually do something about it and we call them entrepreneur.

And in case of Nepal,it is in developing phase. We have a lots of problems on poverty, education, health, agriculture, water, transportation and many more. But we also have opportunities too for solving it. So we don’t need youth now who just seeking for jobs . We need someone (Entrepreneur) who are enthusiast for solving problems existing in the country. Through it, many problems can be solved . It also bring lots of job opportunities as well . There are lots of opportunities for ones who want to be an entrepreneur in the context of Nepal.

How beginners can mentally prepared for becoming successful entrepreneur ?

He/She needs a lot of contributions, hard work, hustle, determinations, and many more in order to become one.

Which is the most productive field for entrepreneur ?

Look,there is no any sorts of most productive sector for entrepreneur. Figure out problems and solved it. That’s what the Entrepreneur do. And one thing, in order to solve that particular problems, particular sorts of skills are required and ones need to master it.

What is the most inner peace for people?

Understanding their psychology . And focusing on their full energy over there regardless of thinking whatever anyone else think and being far away from judgement of Fear!. This is the most inner peace for people.

From you point of view,what does achievement to you ?

Impacting as many life as I could from my thought and service. And seeing my Family happy is actually biggest achievement for me.

How Entrepreneur can develop productive ideas?

In this world of Distractions, ones need to be quite focus analyzing each and every part of the problems . They ate must plan – execute – implement – improving in order to bring effective ideas . Through out this ,ones can have great ideas from their previous raw idea!. I told ,it’s not going to be easy and it takes time to transform Raw ideas in to Game Changer. idea!

In the context of our country, Can Nepal’s innovative ideas can compete with global tech company ideas and business ?

It can be done for sure. But everyone should come together and empower such ideas along with government policy. Let me give you example. In the case of tootle, pathao, government was keeping barrier and was trying to stop it. Reason is that we are backward in technology and awareness where the world is going.

What’s the difference between wining and losing ? Is it same portion of coin or apart from it ?

In my view, it is just a same portion of a coin . Look, winning is all about able to accomplished something . You had have prior experience on that sorts of thing and you were really enthusiast and serious about it. And you win. But in the case of losing, you had not experienced that sort of things and somehow not enough enthusiast about it. So here ones can experience about that sort of things to prepare themselves to win in next run. So, we can say that loosing is always the prior experience before winning something in my personal view!

Can you recommend book related to entrepreneurship, must required to study for entrepreneur ?

Go for “The Lean Startup”.

At last, what would you like to give something valuable to readers ?

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