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Rupandehi Hackathon, wait for what? One more hackathon which I had missed because of my internal exam. No problem, next time, we ASCOL GUYS will attend upcoming hackathon and gonna write about my team experience too. I will be sharing about the winner’s experience on the Rupandehi Hackathon organized by the Computer Association of Nepal.
The winner was FSociety, lead by Bipin Bhandari along with their members Sweta, Prabesh, and Aabriti. So I asked them about how was their experience and know something from them which I am gonna share and you will learn too.

Ladies come first right so, first of all, one of the members Sweta is gonna share from that hackathon.

Hello Sweta, so apart from introduction can you tell that is this your first hackathon?

Sure, No it’s my second hackathon I have ever attended. Awesome experience. I have participated in bernhack too with my same team. Though I didn’t have a concept on programming right now but I thought why not giving a try even it’s for giving some of my ideas in the hackathon.

Wow, what was your role as a member of FSociety

My main role was team up with my fellow Aabriti to make a presentation of our product which we had built a hackathon. I also tried to help in UI. It was worth to go there as we were the winners. We got to know many people who are from the same background. Overall it was good, but the disappointing thing was about time management.

Will you attend the upcoming hackathon?

Yeah sure, but only after I get familiar with some programming language.


From my past hackathons, I got some role in making a presentation but I don’t feel like it is okay to just make a presentation and take credit. That’s it

Thank you sweta for your time. So the next one is one of my fellow Aabriti with whom I had met at the entrance exam for a CS degree. I heard that talented girl, some kind of humor too that she is currently topper of her college. Let’s talk with her about Hackathon.

So how’s your experience in Hackathon?

Hmm good. But we didn’t manage time and we got problems at the initial phase but later we managed and fixed the issue that our team had. It was my first Hackathon and a really good experience. At first, we had to wait more than an hour due to poor time management but as time passes… We were driven into our work…

And one more thing, due to the antivirus, we were unable to save our presentation or to share it with any other media. Even before 10 min of our turn. We were unable to manage the antivirus but somehow we made that presentation thrice but were not successful. Later somehow we manage to do it on the next laptop. And just before our turn, we finished it

Will you attend the upcoming Hackathon?

Yeah. But I won’t hamper my studies. At least for the first two years. I have to do my best in academics. At least on boards.

I think from her answer seems like humor made by her friends were true.

Whats makes u participate in your first Hackathon

Before I joined college and decided to study CS. I decided to participate in such competitions but I wasn’t able to do so. And such Hackathons will help to grow me personally and develop my skills.

Thank you Aabriti for your time. Now, let’s learn from Lead Bipin about his experience.

Introduce about your self

I am Bipin Bhandari an enthusiastic guy who loves many things out of which coding and cricket are the love of my life😊

So the Rupandehi hackathon was your first Hackathon?

No. It was not my first hackathon, my first one was Bern hack, where I met some amazing and talented people like Aju Tamang 😁😁😁, besides that, I have also been to yomari code camp and butwal was third one.

What makes u participate in the hackathon and yomari one?

Yomari code camp was also a great experience although we didn’t get selected for any category but learned many things, besides that, I have many complaints regarding yomari code camp judges selection was too vague that one of them took nap while I was giving the presentation😂. But I learned myself explored myself a bit that’s what important.

The eagerness to express myself, share my knowledge, learn what others things, what flaws people find and the knowledge that I get from extremely talented peoples out there makes me eager to participate in Hackathon. Yomari was organized by pulchowk

Can you share a little about it?

 We didn’t win the one organized by pulchowk (yomari code camp) but we won the Nepathya hackathon organized by CAN rupandehi. It was a great experience amazing, out of 6 themes given we were unknown about the one they were going to throw us, and finally, we got visit Nepal 2020 theme and while traveling to butwal our team slightly thought of what potentially could be done in each field and on the Hackathon day we implemented our idea into android application. Shishir brother, Pravesh Sweta, Aabriti all of them and yeah other mentors to supported equally and I learned a lot, to be completely honest I learned myself too, from building application, teamwork, the fun, meeting some amazing talents (pharid) to pitch project to respect judges the whole experience taught me lesson and it improvised myself and my abilities and provided a short of motivation to learn more and participate more in such activities that’s all😁.

What were the crazy things have you done in hackathon?

So the crazy things we did was😂 after the hackathon we went to traffic chowk for having street foods and there happened an Interesting story wanna hear!


So what happened was while we were having our food and chilling, a young kid came and ask for money and Pravesh kindly gave him 20 rupees and that young boy thanked him, but giving money was some kinda unfair thing for me so what I did was I called that kid took him to a shop-bought chocolates of Rs 10 and gave him Rs 10 and told him instead of asking money I tell others you don’t wanna beg you wanna earn for yourself so please buy one chocolate for Rs 5 and I guided him to sell the chocolate too he became so happy and made Rs 10 profit and final lesson what I told him was to save the profit not to buy from all amount and he understood I also felt so happy 😊😊😊😊

Wow, awesome. What was your product that your team building?

We build a complete package application to visit Nepal 2020 where tourists could book hotel planes get recommend places, know info about that place, know about local bus routes and much more in a single application. Yeah, we used java for backed and XML for Frontend.

Are you planning to do a startup or something else from your product?

Yeah talking about startup right now I am not sure about it but we will complete the project and as per the agreement we will handover to CAN Rupandehi.

Will you participate in the upcoming hackathon?

Yeah, we will be participating in such more Hackathons and other events that could enrich our skills and knowledge 😊.


Thanks, FSociety . I forget to mention prabesh too he missed this one. I tried to connect him but couldn’t. So maybe next time, he will share his experience. Hello readers, thank you for your awesome worth time to read this article. Hope it will help you too. Keep connecting. Thank you.