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Ashish Yadav is a Tech Entrepreneur, founder of Ask Buddie, and Full stack developer . He is a former WordPress Engineer at Eagle Eye International. He is a Loyal tech enthusiast.

What is Ask Buddie and what’s the story behind it ?

Ask Buddie is a Tech community and platform for technology enthusiasts . Since from beginning, we have been provided solutions and guide to our members related to technology. You can connect with tech enthusiasts people, learn , share your knowledge, too. You can also find the most relevant answers to their queries and grow up your career. The story like this, we started from Facebook group. Me and my friend wanted to start a Tech community in Nepal . Main motive was to provide, support and solving related to technical problems.

It was on May 16th of 2017 and it was on my birthday. Sushant Maharzan created a group called “Tech Room Reload” in the beginning and changed to “Ask Buddie” later. Right now, We have an active Facebook group with members of more than 10K. We have members from different locations and most of the people are active. We are proud of what we have done through this community. Ask Buddie is supported by IT companies such as Buddie Host too.

What is the mission of Ask Buddie ?

Our mission is to create awesome Tech community. It is for Tech enthusiast people to provide support in less time.

What are the requirements to join Ask Buddie ?

There are no any requirements to join Ask Buddie, anyone can join if he/she needs help. A little knowledge on technology is recommended.

What platform are there for Beginners and Professionals Tech People ?

Yes, we have awesome people to guide beginners who wanted to start their journey in Tech Field . They can also learn and grow up with the help of our members. We have open source program too known as ABOS . You can also contribute to build free software in order to improve your Tech skills.

You can also share your experience and knowledge via our blog and most Tech people do. You can also showcase your work in our group and get hired by the companies. If you want to start an online business, then we will provide you a free of cost hosting services too. Get free hosting services from here.

Is it worth to join Ask Buddie ?

Yes, it is. One thing that we are doing inside Ask Buddie is the rare things to see in Nepal. We provide, support, guide, and give our members to grow and help in their careers. We also try to provide free resources to help members get started. We provide such a platform to grow.

What are the contributions done by Ask Buddie ?

Ask Buddie has contributed through the community where members solve others their daily problems. And their problems are like career, programming problems, ideas and many more. Apart from helping people to solve their problems. We have an open-source program, where people can contribute in different ways. If you are a developer, designer, security analyst, entrepreneur, or anyone you can contribute to our program. We called ABOS.

We also provide some resources like paid themes and hosting without cost with a valid license. We will also provide training in the future as well.

After the massive success Ask Buddie, we have organized our first meet up in Kathmandu. It was one of the most significant events done by a community that started from Facebook Group to build an open-source community.

Ask Buddie is only for Nepali people or foreigners too ?

Ask Buddie is open for all. We accept members from different nations and we have too. That’s why we ask our members to use English Language.

How you manage Ask Buddie Tech Community ?

We have strict rules and regulations which help us to manage Ask Buddie. We take spam, scams and business promotion seriously. Every post goes through admins or moderators. They will check if the post follows all the guidelines. We have a total of 14 members in our Team for moderating our community. They spend their valuable time to moderate and manage the community.

What is the long term vision of Ask Buddie ?

The long term vision of Ask Buddie is to create a platform or an ecosystem. In which, people can learn, help each others, guide, grow, find an opportunity and development in career path.

Can you give us examples of Ask Buddie members who changed their lifestyle through Ask Buddie ?

I cannot disclose the member name but I have got some nice reviews. Some of our members who had shared their projects in our group were hired by some companies and some of them work as a freelancer.

What’s you views towards tech learner ?

Personally, I wanted to create an awesome platform where people can get lots of opportunities . Because we still face many problems in our daily life and get stuck in our work. A quick support community can be very helpful to be more productive and save time. A community with full of trust where people can depend to get help when needed . Also to find an opportunity and development to follow their career path. The community is also growing everyday too. Thank you.

Hello Reader, what are you waiting for ? Don’t you wanna build and grow up you career in tech. Personally as a Computer science student, Ask Buddie helps me a lot and I am learning a lot from this Awesome community. If you wanted to learn awesome things , join Ask Buddie.