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What exactly is FaceApp 🤔 ?

FaceApp is not new. It was launched on iOS in January 2017 and on Android in February 2017. FaceApp is a mobile app for iOS and Android developed by the Russian company Wireless Lab. It is one of the AI selfie editing apps which uses neural network technology to generate highly realistic transformations of faces in photographs. It can transform a face to make it smile, look younger, look older, or even change gender 😅 too. Without the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s impossible. I don’t know 😅 about which Image processing algorithm they use, but that particular takes the input picture of your face and adjusts it based on other imagery.

Everyone is talking about FaceApp and your friends also prefer this to use. Right now ,you may have seen the face of your friend’s future face, right ?. Everyone is posting about it doesn’t mean you must have to use and post it in your social media feeds, look beyond privacy too. There are lot more things to learn about it .

Are you aware about this?

FaceApp also embeds Google Admob, which serves Google ads to users. But, FaceApp made money through paid subscriptions for premium feature rather than Ads. Despite the trending is having right now, FaceApp has already been for two years already, and, like many apps, it’s raised privacy concerns too.

Companies also know that almost nobody reads privacy policies except a few of them.

Data is an important valuable thing . The main problem is here that people blindly give your data out to any application like we does to this application. People should be aware on these things too in today digital world.

Review from security researcher and other

Security experts have also warned that people who use FaceApp may be putting their personal information at risk, including the pictures they are sharing of themselves.

Voice from FaceApp

FaceApp only uploads photos selected by users for editing. And we might store an uploaded photo in the cloud. Company told that the main reason for that is performance and traffic. They said that they wanted to make sure that the user doesn’t upload the photo repeatedly for every edit operation.

Most images are deleted from our servers within 48 hours from the upload date, said the company.

FaceApp also advises users to submit such requests through settings, support, “report a bug” and add “privacy” in the subject line. People data and information was not transferred to Russia, company said but who really knows what is going through internals.

Other questions ?

Wait, did I miss any queries you’re dying to have answered ? Let me know in the comments below, we’ll discuss about this awesome topic. The privacy policy of FaceApp has still been creeping people out this days. One more thing, if you wanted to know more about it then , I recommend to read their privacy too.