Experience of my CSIT Entrance preparation 1

Hello Everyone, I mean you ,how’s going your days ? This article is for those who are willing to prepare entrance examination of Computer Science in Nepal. This might help you too ,somehow who wanted to know brief about csit entrance preparation. So, I am also in your position (age) who just passed out high school and willing to pursue Computer Science Degree in Nepal. Personally , I wanted to share you guys, I am just an average student not a topper one too. But I am just passionate on what I am doing and learning. Ok forget about that let’s enter into discussion. Let me share you my experience of my CSIT entrance preparation.

I am still preparing for it and learning too.

Right now, I got lots of opportunities to explore technology and it’s impact in Kathmandu. Honestly , I took class in Saral Entrance with the time period of two months. It was an awesome class. I started to love mathematics which I used to hate during my college days. There were others entrance preparation institute too. It doesn’t mean they are bad. They are also awesome and provide some few programming classes too which I have heard about it. Sorry, I am not gonna name for it. I am not here for branding of it, just to share what I learned and experienced those moments. I got an opportunities for developing web app for new startup too. But due to some problems, I couldn’t make and I have to prepare entrance exam too. It might be distraction for me too. So, I quit on those opportunities. It was all provided by Saral Entrance team member. You can also do it unless you are passionate on it. One of the most benefits that I got from Saral Entrance is not scoring high marks and become a topper. I got opportunities to network with Seniors tech people. It doesn’t mean Saral Entrance has a bad reputation for scoring marks in IOST entrance by students . Previous year, from the Saral with the collaboration of IITN Nepal, approximately total seventy eight brothers and sisters crack IOST entrance exam and enrolled in government college for Computer Science and Information Technology Degree.

What does the student say about it?

At first I was preparing for BE in computer engineering. But later I came to know that in engineering, software is not much more focused. So I decided to do BSc CSIT. But at that time I don’t have any idea how to prepare for it. Later I knew about Saral Notes and I bought a book and it was more than enough for me. And slowly I started interacting with the team of Saral Notes and I started giving mock test of Saral Notes which was conducted in different colleges. The confidence and practice that I got from Saral Notes showed me the way to get admitted in Patan Multiple Campus. I am very much thankful to the entire team of Saral Notes.

– Roshan Basnet(2075 batch)
– Patan Multiple Campus

Saral entrance take frequently CSIT mock test every week. You can also signup for form to enroll CSIT entrance mock test. You can also become topper in that test and earn some cash.

Experience of my CSIT Entrance preparation 2

Saral Entrance also published CSIT and BCA entrance preparation books . There are also other publications too in order to prepare. You can prepare through anyone. Truth to be told, I prepare from Saral CSIT preparation book . It depends upon you. And one more thing, you can also prepare by your self and can score awesome marks and enrolled in it. I have seen many of them too. For self learning, you need books and other materials too.

Experience of my CSIT Entrance preparation 3

And one more thing, the new class is gonna open for CSIT entrance too. If you are interested in it and missing, then you can be booked through this link. You can get a 20% discount and a free entrance book for preparation. If you have any query for book and entrance class then, you can contact through Pradip Dhungana and his phone number is 9840186294, 9818610835. He is a co-founder and he is a really inspiring senior one who helps in my tech journey. Sooner, Saral Entrance will give you opportunities for Internship in Tech Companies of Nepal if you have tech skills. And they will provide you Tech Card for enrolling any tech course in boot-camps and Institute. I said sooner not now. From my view, Skills matter but knowledge too matter until you apply in real world. One more thing, I will be in upcoming mock test , make sure we can make good network 😊😊😊in our tech journey. I will be there. See you soon reader. Happy coding😊.