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Hi there, I was excited to know the results that whether I was selected for software engineer trainee or not, finally I am selected and lots of brothers and sisters had been too. Congrats to them and hope all will be graduated as it is challenging too. I had applied a month ago, wrote a proposal, resume, and review it to the seniors and submitted them. Now, what’s next?

Today, Insight workshop academy welcomed through the virtual session as it was going to be onsite in Kathmandu but as we know due to global pandemic, it was compiled to be in the virtual one. I think it will be further days too. Well basically I am not promoting here about the company, but the company has really smart people working remotely too and it’s multinational. Some branches are in the USA and Nepal. We got many instructors from Project manager to Principal Software engineer as they will guide us on how to grab the skills and career guidance. As this program doesn’t focus only on hiring in their company, it’s main aim is to make a global software engineer who can able to work anywhere either remotely or onsite.
We got a syllabus too. Let me share the syllabus.

Big Picture: Software Engineering

Well, this topic will be a discussion of up to 1 week. Our instructors will give an idea about the full-stack software development and how the software engineer code and push the code into production. We will be learning about the web fundamentals just a basic one and tools as well as technologies. We will learn about how the day goes into the life of a software engineer. Instructors are variable but highly professional and there will be guest instructors too. I am excited about that. Today, we were introduced by three instructors from a business perspective, career, and academics.

Fundamentals of Web Development

This will be interesting too like I have learned basic but didn’t go deep. we will go deeper about the HTML and CSS. The time interval will be 2 weeks where we do a few micro-projects too and lots of assignments, QA, and live discussion. I forget to mention JS and ES6 too. Yeah, in today’s global tech market and for becoming a better developer, JS has been a hot topic and must learn too when it comes to web development.

Python Programming

Yeah we will be learning python too for back-end and we will be going deep dive into OOP and it’s the paradigm. The time interval will be 2 weeks. But the thing is we will be learning the above topics parallel too. It’s not about learning into one topic only, it’s about learning and connect the dot of other technologies and enhance the skills for making out real-world project.

Back-end Framework- Django

Django is one of the popular and already adapted web framework in the industry and it has been used by many companies too like Instagram, Reddit and other. We will be learning about its philosophy, perform CRUD Operations, authentications, and other core elements. We will be making out the projects on each topic too. The time interval for this topic is three weeks.

Django REST Framework

This is the bigger part and API is used everywhere nowadays. We will be learning out making RESTAPI using the Django rest framework and consuming REST API. The time interval for this topic is one week.

Front-end Library – React

As we will be learning back-end stuff and we won’t be stuck only out there. We will be learning out front-end library – React which is one of the most popular libraries out there. As we learned Modern JS, it will be a little bit easy to make hands-on in react. We will learn from basic to advance one like it’s cli, component states, life cycle, hooks, JSX, event binding, API integrations, and data management. The time interval will be 1 week.

Capstone Project

After learning all this stuff, we will be learning how to make a project that we learned so far. The time interval will be around 2 weeks. I think this will be a major project that we will do. Everything that we learned parallel will be implemented in this period. We will be learning how to deploy our app in different cloud services too. At the end of today’s session, we were recommended a software engineer book that should be must-read out by every software engineer “Clean Code A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship“. I looked out the review and I think it’s worth to read out, I am sure I will read out during this lock-down period and be more productive.

It’s not learning about tech stack too, we will be learning on how to work on scrum methodologies and collaborate. Thank you.