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Hi, 😀 I’m Aju Tamang. I am a dorm cs student and software engineer trainee currently living in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Truth be told, I love talking related tech stuff and I have been sharing out my thoughts in this blog. Thanks for coming to my tech blog where I shared articles related to tech. I hope you have found the post(s) useful. Apart from tech, I love traveling and meeting awesome people like you. I’m a foodie guy too. Apart from blogging, I would love to share my tech expertise knowledge through workshops, local meetups, college events, and conferences. Here are some of my contributions and work.

You can hire me for freelance projects. I am open enthusiast and contributed opensource projects too. I am proficient in Django and React. Here is my Github profile.

You can invite to your university or college for talks too. If you have any questions or wanna talk to me, I am open for that, Let’s connect.